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If you are looking for uplifting material to read, or are looking for a source for a particular spiritual book, this is the place to come. If you are interesting in studying and finding out the truth in the Bible, the Torah and Tanach, not the fables of men, I would suggest that you start with finding out who God is, are you worshiping the God of the Bible, the Only True God, Yahowah or are you worshiping the pagan trinity. The trinitarians try to say that the Bible teaches the trinity doctrine, but nothing could be further from the truth. Seventh-day Adventists like to point out that the Catholic church claims responsibility for the doctrine of Sunday worship, but totally ignore that the Cathiolic church also claims responsibility for the trinity doctrine, which is the basis for all of Catholithism. However it was not always so... The founders of the Adventist church recognized that the trinity doctrine was pagan, and completely rejected it in favor of the truth from the Bible. I suggest that you start with the links that I have here and I will be adding books and links to other sites as I find them. Check back from time to time to see what's new at this site.

Articles on Specific Subjects

Summary of Isaiah 7

Prophecies of the Future King David (Messianic Prophecies)

Others Sites with Good Material - Home of the World Karaite Movement.

What did Jesus Believe and Teach? - Are you really following the faith of Jesus? - Adventists, this site is for you. Who is the True God? You may be surprised to find the Bible says something else from what you've been told.

I am currently looking for more good sites, if you know of one I should put here, please let me know.

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