The Gold Mine

This page is for all things financial. Here you will find links to information about the history of the money system, informative financial links, alternate currencies, and ways to invest your money to provide a positive return. I would strongly recommend that you sign up with e-gold and GoldMoney immediatly. Then I would suggest that you invest in at least ten (10) highly rated programs to minimize your risk. I don't currently have that many programs that I'm invested in, and I am still doing research to find programs that I am comfortable investing in. As I add programs to my portfolio, they will be added to this page. I would suggest that you bookmark this page and check it regularly as I update it frequently. You may even want to make this your home page.

Gold Backed Currencies - Gold backed e-currency (also Silver, Platinum, and Palladium). - Gold backed e-currency.

The Liberty Dollar - Gold and Silver backed paper, coins and e-currency. - Gold backed e-currency. - Gold backed e-currency.

Exchange Services - FAST exchange. Less than 1 day. Highly Recommended.(AnyGoldNow's GoldMoney acct#: 50-53-35-J ) - 2% per exchange. Not very fast.

London Gold Exchange - Not very fast, 4% per exchange, ATM card available. - Worldwide currency exchange - Buy gold with a credit card. Not real fast.

Gold-Pages e-currency directory - Listing of e-currencies.

Debit and ATM Cards

XLCard - Fast funding with e-gold, reasonable rates.

Other E-Currencies - #1 E-currency used on E-Bay (owned by E-Bay), free debit card available.

Investment Information - One of the leading monitoring sites.

Hi-Yield Investment Program Monitor - Lets you know what's working and what's not.

HYIP Investment - Monitors programs they are invested in.

E-Told Reports Forum - Forum to discus HYIP's

High Yield Investment Programs that work

High Yield Investment Programs that I'm testing.

I'm not currently testing any programs because I am using Auto-Surf sites to invest at the moment.

My Auto-Surf Top 5

My Free Bonus Auto-Surf List

My Paid Auto-Surf List

Programs that are scams.

Click here for the list of scams.

This page last updated 8/8/2006.