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It is my firm belief that there is no disease that can't be cured. It is an established fact that over 750,000 people are killed each year by western medicine. Part of the process of being healed requires knowing the nature of the problem. First in understanding the problem is understanding the environment that the human body was created for, and that is the pre-flood environment. The most significant of the factors of the pre-flood environment were a higher atmosperic pressure, a higher oxygen content, and a higher magnetic field. When you understand this, it will help you to have a better understanding of why Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, and related Therapies are so effective. It is a fact that Aids, MS, Cancer and every other disease can be cured simply, naturally, and for a low cost. Why is this not known you ask? The answer is, that it is known. The problem is, is that if this information was widely acknowleged, if would put a multi-billion dollar so-called "health" industry out of business overnight. The goal of this page is to provide links to background information and information you need to become healthy and to stay healthy.

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Links of Interest: - Website of "Mr. Oxygen" Ed McCabe

Oxygen Healing Therapies - Good information about various oxygen therapies.

The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide - Find out the truth about Hydrogen Peroxide.

H2O2 Factoids

The Bolen Report - This is a site you need to add to your bookmarks and check every day. - This is a paid membership site, if you are serious about your health, I would suggest you join.

LED Treatment of Wounds - An interesting article about the benefits of LED light. - Why you shouldn't drink milk.

The Cure for SIDS - If you have an infant, you should read this.

Holistic Healing Web Page - This link corrected 11/25/2004

Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity - This link corrected 11/25/2004

Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ Overview - Good information resource.

Links by Request: - Medical Clinic in Thailand that does oxygen therapies.

Books of Interest:

Flood Your Body with Oxygen - This covers most of the oxygen therapies.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Neubauer and Walker - Dr. Morton Walker Health Book) - This covers specifically Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy..

Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle - Be sure and read the reader comments.

Oxygen Products:

Oxygen America - Various oxygen related products.

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