Justice for Us?

Is there Justice for Us? That is the question. People in America today believe that they are living in a free democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nevermind that America wasn't founded as a democracy, but as a Republic. Russia today is more free as a country than America is. When you look at the communist manifesto, you realize that America should probably be spelled Amerika instead. If you are really interested in living in a free country your should familiarize yourself with actual history, where this country came from and where it is now. You probably don't realize it, but 50% of the people in prison in the United States of America today don't belong there. Think I am just spouting this off of the top of my head? (50% of prisoners inoccent), I'm not, this is a direct quote from a federal judge in Atlanta Georgia. It is imperitave that you become educated in the matters of liberty and justice, if you don't, you will not have any liberty or justice.

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