Misc. Links of Interest

This page contains various links that I find interesting, usefull, and informative. Here you will find links to sites related to music, gardening, technology, etc.


On-site Garding Info -- Winter Gardening, Biodomes, Aquaculture and more...

Hyperbarics and Plants - 30ft tomato plant

SonicBloom.com - Grow really big plants.

More Sonic Bloom Info - Greatly increased yield.

Articles on Sonic Bloom - Published articles about Sonic Bloom

Secrets of the Soil : New Solutions for Restoring Our Planet - Learn how to build up the soil.

Electro-Magnetic Fields and Plants - The effects of increased EM fields on plants.

Magnetic Treatment of Plants - The effects of magnetic treatment of plants, and a device to do it.

The Bordeaux Magnetic Machine - Brief article about the reported effects.

Hydoponic Info - Good information regarding hydroponics.

Music Related

The Digital SDA Hymnal - Various hymns from the SDA Hymnal in MIDI format.

Internet Related

Habeas.com - A spam fighting tool.


H2O2 and Silver Rocket Fuel

Storage Sheds

CapitolSheds.com - The largest independant storage shed dealer in Virginia.

Misc Software of Interest

Vectorian Giotto - Free Flash Designer.